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should i be buying a japan rail pass? 17 days in japan

Should i be buying a japan rail pass? 17 days in japan


This is my itinerary:
25 Nov - 4 Dec Tokyo
5 Dec Kawaguchi-ko
6 Dec Nabana no Sato to view the night illumination
7-8 Dec Kyoto
9-11 Dec Osaka

I have a few questions;
1. Should i get a JR pass?

2, I am planning to either take the Narita Express or The Tokyo Shuttle Bus to shibuya train station. Which one is more worth it?

  1. According to my research, the cheapest best way from tokyo to kawaguchi is with bus. Can i buy this ticket in advance?

  2. I am very confused as to how to get from Kawaguchi-ko to Nabana No Sato? Can anyone help me with this?
    Should i catch a bus to Gotemba Station before taking the train to Nabana no sato? I need to be smart with the costs! =)) What is the best and cheapest way? Should i just take the JR line?

Thanks for the help!
looking forward to your answer asap


Hi there,

After Osaka, will you be returning to Tokyo? If so, I advise getting a JR Pass for day 5-11, otherwise the best option would be to just buy normal tickets.

Personally I prefer taking the Narita Express into Tokyo, it's fast and a smooth ride, no traffic jams and comfortable. At the same time, it can be inconvenient if your hotel is not at one of the Stations.

Getting from Kawaguchiko - Nagoya and Nabato no Sato is quite a ride. I think the best way to go about this would be to take an express bus from Kawaguchiko - Mishima station, use the Shinkansen from there to Nagoya and local trains from there.

Hope this helps,

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