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shinkansen costs.

Shinkansen costs.

Arriving Narita to Shinagawa 19th August then Shinagawa to Hiroshima on22 August then Hiroshima to Kyoto 29 August then kyoto to Shinagawa 9 September then Shinagawa to Narita 12 September. Thats: 24 days in Japan. What is the most economical ticket to purchase? perhaps a 21 day all Japan pass? then buy separate NEX ticket for the 12th September from Shinagawa to Narita? Also What is the single cost for Nozomi from Kyoto to Shinagawa then Shinagawa to Narita?
Thank you in advance for your help, this is my third year of asking your help!.


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While a 21 day JR Pass would be very convenient, you'd have to include a little more travel than Tokyo - Hiroshima (¥ 19,080), Hiroshima - Kyoto (¥ 11,410) and Kyoto - Tokyo (¥ 13,910). As a 21 day JR Pass is (¥ 59,350). However this is easily be reached with a side trip or two from Kyoto, such as Himeji or Kanazawa.

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