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shinjuku to tokyo teleport station

Shinjuku to Tokyo Teleport Station

Hi!!! We're going to Tokyo 2nd week of May and I've been researching online how to maximize our JR Pass. I saw that from Shinjuku to Tokyo Teleport Station there is a direct line. Since we have the JR Pass, does that mean we only need to pay the Rinkai stations (Osaki to Tokyo Teleport Station)? If so, where do we pay the fee (Shinjuku before riding the train or in Tokyo Teleport station) ???

Your help is much appreciated!!!


Hi there,

Tokyo Teleport is a station on the Rinkai line, which is not part of the JR Network in Tokyo and there for requires a normal ticket. You can of course use the JR Pass to travel from Shinjuku to the closest Rinkai station, which are Osaki and
Tennozu Isle Monorail Station.

Just buy a normal ticket at the Rinkai station.

Hope this helps,

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