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shinjuku to nikko, is it included with the jr pass?

shinjuku to nikko, is it included with the JR pass?

I'm planning to go to Nikko from Shinjuku but I saw that I might have to pay for part of the trip there if I start in Shinjuku. I read that if I have the JR east pass, it pays for the full train ride. I was wondering if having the JR pass would also cover for the train ticket or if only JR east has it included. I think we can also take the train from Tokyo station to Nikko without having to pay extra but then we would have to find a train to Tokyo from Shinjuku. I'd appreciate you knowledge.


Hi there,

The JR Pass covers travel from both Shinjuku and Tokyo station to Nikko. There are a couple of different ways to travel to Nikko and not all are covered.

The best way using the JR Pass is to travel to Tokyo station and from there use a Shinkansen to Utsunomiya. There you can transfer to the JR Nikko line (bound for Nikko). This route takes about 1h and 40 minutes using the JR Pass. Coming from Shinjuku, the fastest route to Tokyo is to take the JR Chuo line.

There is also a limited express going from Shinjuku to Nikko directly. This route travels partly on the Tobu railway and is not fully covered by the JR Pass. A one way is 4,000yen but using the JR Pass its only ¥1,560.

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