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shinjuku to fuji q by train - transfer confusion and jr pass

Shinjuku to Fuji Q by train - Transfer confusion and JR Pass

Hi, I will be going to FujiQ by train on Oct 6 at 6am from Shinjuku to Otsuki, and then transferring to the Fujikyu train.

On Hyperdia, there will only be 1 transfer;
1) Shinjuku -> Takao -> Otsuki

But on Jorudan, there seems to be different routes and the shorter route above on Hyperdia was not listed.
1) Shinjuku -> Tachikawa -> Hachioji -> Otsuki
2) Shinjuku -> Tachikawa -> Hachioji -> Takao -> Otsuki

Could you let me know which site is more reliable?

Also, can I use the JR pass for these trains? And how do I need to reserve a seat?

Thank you!


I recommend using google maps for planning. In my opinion this is the best method EXCEPT when you want to avoid certain express shinkansen like the nozomi.

As I see it, the first connection (Shinjuku -> Takao -> Otsuki) is using the Keio Line which is not JR and most likely not included in the JR Pass. Maybe Jorudan shows only JR trains? In google maps you will see a blue "JR" sign before any train operated directly by JR.


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