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shin kobe or sannomiya station for kobe stay

Shin Kobe or Sannomiya station for Kobe stay

We will be visiting japan in April and we plan to use the 7-day JR pass to go around with Kobe as base. Understand that shinkansen trains originate from Shin Kobe station. Is it convenient to stay in a hotel near Sannomiya rather than Shin Kobe if we will be travelling every day and get back late at night from say, Tokyo and Hiroshima? Is there a train operating late at night between these 2 stations?


Hi there!

Definitely stay near or better yet in Sannomiya! This is the real center of Kobe and has lot's to offer, the local atmosphere is just great! There's great shopping, food, amusement and if China town is just around the corner. Local trains and the local metro keep riding until a little after midnight, which should be more than enough time to get you home. However it is only a 20min walk from Shin-Kobe to Sannomiya so you can always walk or share a cab.

Try some Kobe beef while you are there, it's worth every penny (or yen)!

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Thanks for the response, Daniel.


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