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shd i get japan rail pass for this itinerary?

Shd I get Japan rail pass for this itinerary?

Day 1 - Kansai airport to Kyoto tokyu hotel, nishiki market
Day 2 - private tour
Day 3 - biwako valley(day trip), Nara (travel by train)
Day 4 - go Bck to Osaka Swissotel, kaiyukan aquarium, Osaka castle (travel by train) dotonbori
Day 5 - universal studio Japan (travel by train)
Day 6 - umeda sky building, shinsaibashi, kids plaza Osaka, science musuem
Day 7 - kinosaki onsen (day trip) and Bck to hotel
Day 8 - swissotel to Kansai airport (by train)

I'll be traveling with my husband and three children aged 8,6 and 4. Pls advise if I shd get 7 days jr pass for the above itinerary or jus regular train pass?thks


Hi there,

Your travel is all within the Kansai Area and it would be better to buy normal tickets for your itinerary, as tickets will cost less than the price of a 7 day JR Pass.

You possibly could look at a Kansai Wide Pass for travel to Kinosaki. However this pass does not allow for seat reservations, something I would recommend if you travel with three Childeren.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much for the helpful advice. can I get Kansai wide pass in Japan? Or do I hv to purchase here? Thks


Hi again!

You can purchase it directly in Japan, at any of the big stations in Kansai.

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