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shall i get 7 days or 14 days jr pass?

Shall i get 7 days or 14 days JR pass?

hello there,

I would appreciated a bit of help. I am arriving to Narita on the 10th of March. While i am in Tokyo I am planning to visit the city and then do some travelling (day trips to Nikko and Kamakura ).

On the 16th of march i am taking the train to Kyoto. Once again while i am in Kyoto i am planning some day trips to Nara and Kiyomizudera Temple. Finally on the 20th of march i am departing from Kansai Airport.

As you can see i will be in Japan for 10 days and it is lots of travelling involved; my questions are:

what type of JR pass shall i buy? Is worth it to buy the 14 days pass or the 7 days pass will do?

What about the daily passes to visit Tokyo and Kyoto central? How they work?

This is my first time travelling to Japan, any comment or suggestions will be more than welcome

Thanks for you help



Hi Nadia,

For your itinerary I would recommend using a 7day JRPass and use it for the following travels.

Narita Airport --> Tokyo ¥ 2,740
Tokyo Kamakura (return) ¥ 1,880
Tokyo Nikko (return) 10,460
Tokyo --> Kyoto ¥ 13,320
Kyoto --> Nara ¥ 1,380

For a total of ¥ 29,780, the 7-day JRPass is ¥ 28,300 saving you at least ¥ 1,480.
You can also use it for Local JR Trains and Buses in Tokyo to add to the savings.

For daily passes: In Tokyo there is the all day metro pass that may be of use if you plan on using the metro a lot. Also at Kyoto station you can buy an all day bus pass that costs 500 Yen and can be used all day. A single trip by bus in Kyoto is 220 Yen so it has a very good value.

Have a great trip in Japan!

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Hey Daniel,

Thanks a lot for the information, it has been really helpful :)



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