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sendai to hakodate to sapporo to tokyo

Sendai to Hakodate to Sapporo to Tokyo

Hi Takeshi
Kindly advise me on the following to get to my destinations using the JR Pass. Tried using the HyperDia but am confused about the route.

  1. I will leave from JR Sendai to Hakodate. How do I access from Sendai to Hakodate using the JR Pass. What is the estimated time of arrival to Hakodate?
    I will be staying in Hakodate for 2 nights before leaving to Sapporo.

  2. From JR Hakodate to JR Sapporo. How do I access using the JR Pass? What is the estimated time of arrival?

  3. Finally how do I access from JR Sapporo to Tokyo as I have already book a hotel to stay in Tokyo. What will be the estimation time of travel to reach Sapporo to Tokyo?

Best Regards


Hello Nichole,

I think you may mean Takeshi from Even so, I happy to assist you too.

1.) For searching trains north of Tokyo using, please keep the option NOZOMI / MIZUHO /
HAYABUSA (SHINKANSEN) on. As the Hayabusa train is covered by the JR Pass.You will get the following route.

2.) You can use the JR LTD. EXP SUPER HOKUTO to Sapporo, taking about 220min from Hakodate.

3.) This is quite a long trip but covered by the JR Pass It takes abou 9.5H.

Hope this helps,

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