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sale of exchange order - best place

Sale of Exchange order - best place

I'm currently travelling through Asia and will be in Japan from the end of May and I'm trying to decide where to buy the Sale of Exchange order for the JR pass. I've got the list of agencies from the website but I could do with an idea of turnaround times. I will have 7 days in Taipei - is this long enough? My other options are 2 days in Ho Chi Minh city or 2 or 3 days in Manila. I'm flying in with Cathay Pacific from Taipei so I don't think I can use the JAL offices (although they are both One World Airlines, don't know if that makes a difference).
Any help greatly appreciated!


Hi there,

I don't have any experiences with travel agencies in Asia myself - so I'm afraid that I can't be of much help there.
You could also consider ordering your JR Pass online HERE and have it delivered to your hotel or accommodation in Japan. This way you are sure that your JR Pass will be waiting for you once you reach Japan.

Hope this helps!

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