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running out of time. help, please?

Running out of time. Help, please?

My son and I are traveling to Japan this coming week, March 25th. I had sent him information concerning purchasing the JR Pass, but he didn't ever actually go to the site and purchase them. Now we are trying to see if it's possible to expedite the passes to us before our departure.
We tried calling the offices, but it's a weekend and no one was available.

Please let me know if anyone has tried to get passes this quickly. The earliest I could order would be Monday, early am.
We would need to have them to our door by Tuesday evening. EEEK!!!

Thanks so much in advance. Appreciate any and all help.

Marci Danis


Hello Marci Danis,

It is indeed very short time. In what country do you live?

We can deliver overnight to some countries, see out shipping page for all the details.

Otherwise we could ship the JR Passes to your accommodation in Japan, given that you place the order before departure.

Hope this helps,

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