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reserving seat before pass begins?

Reserving seat before pass begins?

Good evening,

I will be doing an 8-day trip to Dewa Sanzen and Tohoku in July, so I have bought a 7 day pass. Of course, this will not get me both from and to Narita airport at both ends of the trip. I like to spend my first night in Asakusa, which is most easily accessed from NRT via the Keisei line instead of the JR lines.

If I land in NRT on Sunday and turn in my rail pass exchange order, but ask them not to star the pass until the next day, will they be able to get me reserved seat tickets for a Monday ride on the Niigata Shinkansen? This is better since I won't be using the JRPass on the Sunday when I just take the Keisei line in to Tokyo, and if my pass doesn't start until Monday, then it will be active on the Sunday when I want to go back to the airport.

Albert A
Albert A

Hi there,

Yes, that is no problem at all! You can select a start date 30 days ahead at the moment that you exchange the pass. You can then also make reservations for all your travel during the validity period of the pass.

You can also already make the reservations yourself online via this website (only available for the Tohoku region).

Hope this helps,

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That is perfect! The only one I was particularly worried about was the train the morning after I arrived, since that is shorter notice to reserve. Also, my friend and I will be arriving separately, so making the reservation ahead of time will be really nice because I don't have to worry about whether we get tickets on the same train or not.

Thank you!

Albert A
Albert A

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