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reserving a seat before arriving in japan

reserving a seat before arriving in Japan

I understand that I can't use HyperDia to reserve a seat before arriving in Japan, but is there another way to do so via a special Japan Rail related agency in New York City?

I am concerned as i am traveling between Kyoto and Tokyo during Golden Week. Is it possible that I won't be able to get on a train or will reserving when I arrive in Japan 5 days earlier be adequate.




Hi there,

I am afraid that there is no way to reserve tickets between Tokyo - Kyoto before arriving in Japan. However this is not something to worry about, even in golden week you will be fine if you reserve your seats 2 days or so in advance.

The starting and last weekend of Golden week are the busiest, and I would try to avoid travel on those days or get tickets for them ASAP, midweek is generally more relaxed.

Hope this helps,

PS: Speaking from personal experience I was able to get seats just before departure in Golden week but was not able to sit together with my travelling group.

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