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reserve seats

Reserve seats

I plan to buy takayama hokuriku pass from Thailand and I learn that this pass allow to reserve seat for 4 times.

  1. How can I reserve seat in advance before I travel to Japan or I have to reserve seat when arrive Japan only? Below are the sectors that I want to reserve seat.

Shin Osaka - Kanazawa

Kanazawa - Shirakawago

Shirakawago - Kyoto

Kyoto - Osaka

  1. For Shin Osaka - Kanazawa and Kyoto - Osaka, what type of train that I can take in case of using this pass.

  2. I carry the large luggage, is there any place to keep it on train?

  3. Eating and drinking is allowed on the train for above sectors? I will travel with my 5 years old son, he may have his meal and drink sometime.

Thank you.



Hi Oil,

1.) Here is how to reserve seats:

2.) You can use the Ltd. Thunderbird between Kanazawa and Shin-Osaka and the Shinkaizoku (JR Special Rapid) service between Kyoto and Osaka.

3.) You can place your luggage in the overhead compartments. There is also limited space to put suitcases at the end of each train car.

4.) It is normal to eat and drink on the train. There's a whole culture around eating Station Bento Boxes, or Eki-Bento.

Hope this helps,

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