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reservations at sunrise seto

reservations at sunrise seto


I would just like to ask if I could purchase a JR Pass online and ask somebody from Japan to make my seat reservation for Sunrise Seto?

We are arriving in Kansai Airport on May 13 at around 20:00, and would like to take the Sunrise Seto to Tokyo that evening. However, if we wait until we arrive on May 13 and make the reservations when we exchange for our JR Pass, we may not be able to get seats. Any way of reserving seats ahead of time?

Thank you very much!


Hi there!

Yes it is possible for someone to reserve the seats for you ahead of time. This person would have to pay the tickets for you in full, then give them to you before boarding the train.

However even before you train you would have to go to a JR Station and ask the staff there to cancel the tickets your friend bought for a refund and then re-book them under the JR Pass. This would also involve a refund fee per ticket of around 500yen.

It's all very tricky and I am not sure if anyone has done it like that. Personally take the train to Shin-Osaka and stay there for the night then take an eurly Shinkansen the following morning. You could arrive in Tokyo around 9 a.m.

Hope this helps!

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