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reservation in august 2012

Reservation in August 2012

I´ll arrived to Tokyo on August 20, and I want to travel to Kyoto on August 22.
Do you know if I can reserve a train on this date whit the JRP only with 2 days of anticipation.
Thanks for the information.


Hi there,

While I cannot guarantee you'll be able to reserve your seats I have never had problems with reserving seats on the Tokyo > Kyoto bullet trains. Actually when I turn up at the station and have usually been able to make a reservation for the next train, so I imagine that if you are reserving 2 days in advance you should be fine.

The Obon festival around the 15th of August shouldn't affect you by the 22nd, so it should be plain sailing as far as ticket reservations go.

Please note that normal rules apply to the trains in Japan as everywhere - rush hours (7-9am and 5-6pm) are busier so it's be best if you can avoid these times if possible.

Hope this helps!

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