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I do not understand why there is 28 days limited for starting use Train Ticket after reservation filing date?
I need more than 40 day to starting use Train Ticket after reservation filing date, so I can make reservation on March 30, and start use Train Ticket on May 1.
I will leave from USA on April 3, 2014, take 25 days arrival in Osaka by cruise line. I do not have internet connection and can not make reservation when on cruise ship for 25 days. How do I do?
I plan to use Kansai Wide pass start on May 1, 2014, from Osaka to Kyoto, Kyoto to Amanohashidate Round-trip one day, from Kyoto to Maibara than to Nagoya, end on May 4, 2014.
Are there JR pass Expert or JR west staff can help me to manage use Kansai Wide Pass.


Hi there!

I am not completely sure about your question, however the JR Kansai Wide pass does not offer seat reservations and is only valid for non reserved seats. It can be purchased outside Japan or upon arrival at Kansai Airport, Osaka or Kyoto station. I'd recommend purchasing it upon arrival in Japan so you don't have to worry about exchange dates.

Hope this helps!

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Very helpful.


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