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requesting help on getting from nagoya airport to ine-cho. fastest.

Requesting help on getting from Nagoya airport to Ine-cho. Fastest.

After 2 weeks biking in Hokkaido, we are flying from Kushiro to Nagoya. I am buying hopefully a 2 week pass. Could anyone tell me what train to use to get all the way to Ine-cho? I believe I will first have to go to Kyoto Station, and then switch trains?

After Ine-cho and then back to Kyoto, I will then travel up to Kanazawa. If you could also tell me that train, please.

Finally from there I will make my down to Hiroshima, hopefully on a fast train! Suggestions for route appreciated!

Thank you so much. I arrive in Nagoya in the afternoon of August 11,2016.



Hi Jodie,

The first step is to make your way to Nagoya Airport to Nagoya station. Here are the details on that.

Then from Nagoya station, take a Shinkansen to Kyoto station, here you can transfer to local lines bound for Miyazu station. From where a local bus goes to Ine-cho (bus takes about 40min).

For travel from there, return to Miyazu station. From there you can use this route to Kanazawa.

From Kanazawa - Hiroshima, take the Thunderbird express to Shin-Osaka and there transfer to the Sakura Shinkansen bound for Hiroshima.

Hope this helps,

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Daniel, yes very helpful. Is there a link for times of departures at Nagoya station to Kyoto? We arrive in Nagoya around 16:00 so wondering if Shinkansen runs all evening. I doubt we will be able to make it to ine-cho that evening, so might stay the night near the bamboo forest and continue on the bus from Miyazu the next morning. Thank you and I am sorry for my late reply! Trying to make so many plans!

Kind regards, Jodie


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