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Question on USAGE

Hi there,

I just received my JR pass last week. I am going to Japan from April 9-21. I don't plan on using the JR pass until April 15. Since I will be at Narita to purchase a one-way Suica and N'EX at the JR East Office, I can go ahead and tell them that I want to activate my JR Pass for April 15 or do I need to do this a day or two before I actually activate it at a local station in Tokyo?

Also, I was wondering if the pre-purchased SUICA/NEX package will work in Yokohama? Is the existing amount topped up in the Suica card sufficient to travel throughout Tokyo and to Yokohama?



Hi there!

You can activate your JR Pass at the same them when you buy your Suica / N'EX ticket. It is possible to select a first day of use for a later point of time. So you can activate your JR Pass on the 9th and start using it on the 15th without further procedures.

The Suica/N'EX package is also usable for travel to Yokohama and is a great way to start your travel. After you can use the Suica card for travel between Yokohama and Tokyo, in addition for travel within both cities.

Hope this helps!

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