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q on jr pass and trip details

Q on JR pass and trip details

Can someone tell me if the 7 day JR pass is the best option for the below trip?
4/16 Arrive Narita Airport and need to travel to Tokyo Shibuya area

Before the pass expires I'd like to go to Hakone, Kyoto and Osaka and back to Tokyo.
Can you tell me what is the best order to see the cities and if the JR 7 day pass will cover all cities?

If possible, can you list the time duration between each city?
Thank you!


Hello Diana,

I'd be more than happy to give you an example itinerary.

You could do something like the following.

Narita Airport - Tokyo
Tokyo - Hakone (2days)
Hakone - Kyoto (2days)
Kyoto - Osaka (1 or 2 days)
Travel back to Tokyo.

The JR Pass could be a good help here as it covers travel between all the places you wish to travel to and you can make good savings over normal tickets. Local travel within cities, such as the metro. Within Hakone it is recommended to use a Hakone Free Pass. Travel from Tokyo - Hakone is about 40 minutes. Hakone - Kyoto 140 minutes. Kyoto - Osaka 30 minutes and Osaka - Tokyo a little over 180 minutes.

Hope this helps,

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I would suggest something like:

4/16 - Arrive in Narita and go to Tokyo, explore Shibuya etc.
4/17 - Explore Tokyo
4/18 - Visit Hakone, go to Kyoto in evening
4/19 - Explore Kyoto and a ½ day for Nara
4/20 - Explore Kyoto; visit Himeji Castle for ½ day if you like
4/21 - Explore Kyoto & Osaka; catch evening bullet train back to Tokyo
4/22 - See Tokyo


Thank you both for your quick and awesome suggestions!
I'll definitely take this all into consideration when planning. If there are any additional sites in these cities or along the way please share them with me.

Thank you!


Also, if anyone has hotel recommendations that would be awesome!


If you are looking to expand your itinerary a bit, then some suggestions are:

1) Hikone Castle --

2) Miyama -

3) Amanohashidate -

4) Okayama -

For Okayama, you can take the bullet train and further enhance your Pass value. It has one of Japan's top traditional 3 gardens, Korakuen:

For places to stay, you gave no info on budget, but there are many inexpensive business hotels that are decent, quiet and clean. They even throw in breakfast for free:

And if you've never stayed in one before, I recommend you spent at least a night in a Japanese Inn (ryokan) for the experience. There are several inexpensive ones you can try:


Thanks Again! Sorry about that, the hotel budget would be in the range of $150-$200 per night. I'll definitely take a look at what you sent over.
I really appreciate your help.


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