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possible to store two 21 inch suitcases in odawara while visiting hakone?

Possible to store two 21 inch suitcases in Odawara while visiting Hakone?

We are taking the JR train from Kyoto to Odawara where we will transfer to a bus or other transportation to go to Hotel Lake Hakone for two nights near the Togendai Ropeway. There is a Tozan bus that goes directly there from Odawara.

However, if we stored our two carry on bags in Odawara, perhaps we could take half of the Hakone Round Course from Odawara via the Tozan Railway to Souzan on the cable car and from Souzan to Togendai on the Hakone Ropeway. Is this a more scenic route than the Tozan bus? If so can we store the suitcases in Odawara at the train station for two days? We would then just take essentials in a backpack to the Hotel Lake Hakone.

Another option is to take the Hakone Round Course from Odawara to Hakone Yumoto via Lake Ashi to Togendai--but am not quite as sure of the connections.

Is there a JR train from Kyoto that goes non stop to Hakone (Odawara) with a good connection to the Hakone Round Course mentioned above? Or the Tozan Bus, depending on what you recommend?

Thank you in advance. This site is wonderful and Daniel san has already been so helpful! Domo arigato!


Hi there,

I have not taken these different routes in Hakone and can't comment on which one is more scenic. However there are coin lockers at Odawara station, some are big enough to house a full blown suitcase and a little more.

There are direct Hikari and Kodama trains between Kyoto and Odawara stations. The bus schedule is generally adjusted for this.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you so much Daniel-san!


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