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please help

Please help

Hi I need your advice please
We will be traveling this July 3 to 14
From Narita airport we will arrive @ 1705
What is the difference between Shinkansen and JR
Can we take the Shinkansen/JR to Tokyo or Osaka (hotel) actually we haven't made up our mind yet which one to go first
Is better to go around Tokyo for six days then go Osaka and Kyoto for four days ?
The one day remaining is going back to Narita airport (to give ample time for traveling back to airport checkin etc)
So far this is our itenerary I don't know if this is an ideal one in terms of time and if we will save money this way
Your advice and suggestions re this matter is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

Shinkansen is Japanese for the bullet train lines but also used for the bullet trains themselves. While JR stands for Japan Railways, which is a collection of train companies who provide rail travel within Japan, including the bullet trains.

A JR Pass (or Japan Rail Pass) basically is valid on all JR lines (including the Shinkansen) nation wide and you can make great savings compared to purchasing normal tickets with it, when you plan to explore different areas in Japan. For instance making a return Tokyo - Kyoto will already pay for the pass.

My advise for visiting Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka would be, make a list of places you want to see in each city, then see how many days you would need for each.

Hope this helps,

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Hello Daniel thank you very much for a quick reply sorry if I ask too many questions
I'm trying to have a budget holiday I'm thinking of buying a seven day pass for Jr pass but we are staying in Japan for eleven days and if we activate the Jr once we arrive in Narita to go Tokyo we will have 4 days out so do you think it is better to buy the 14 days pass?
Thanks IN advabce


Hello again!

I think the best option for budget would be to get a 7 day JR Pass and buy local tickets for travel around Tokyo.

Local travel within the metropolis of Tokyo does not cost that much and you may be better served using normal tickets or buying a city wide day pass for 750yen from any of the ticket machines.

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