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pick up time for jr sanyo pass

Pick up time for JR Sanyo Pass

Hello there,

I am planning on reserving the Sanyo West Pass before I travel to Japan, and I would like to pick it up at the airport.

My question is this: I will arrive in Japan (at Osaka KIX) on August 10th, but I don't plan on starting to use the Sanyo pass until August 12. I noticed on the booking application that I can only enter the date I will start using the pass (Aug 12) but not the date I arrive in Japan. If I put August 12 down as the start date for my pass, will I still be able to pick up the pass on August 10th at Kansai airport? Or do I need to pick it up on the start date, August 12 (I will be in Kyoto)?

Your help is much appreciated!



Hi Cwalker13,

I don't know the answer the your question. However I would advise just buying the pass upon arrival. Reserving one does not give you any advantage. My advise would be to either just buy it on Kansai Airport when you arrive and select a later start date, or buy one at Kyoto station the moment that you start using it.

Hope this helps!

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