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pass activation - kawaguchiko or otsuki

Pass Activation - Kawaguchiko or Otsuki


I want to activate my pass the day I travel from Kawaguchiko to Tokyo. Can I do it in the Kawaguchiko station when buying my whole journey tickets (Kawaguchiko - Tokyo)? Or do I need to buy the ticket from Kawaguchiko to Otsuki in the Kawaguchiko station, and activate the pass and buy the JR ticket to Tokyo in the Otsuki station?

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Hi there!

Unfortunately there's not activation possibility at either Kawaguchiko or Otsuki. However this should not pose a problem because you can activate your JR Pass at the Airport when you arrive. You can select a day up to 30 days in the future on which you will start using the JR Pass, so you won't have to start using it right away.

Here is a full list of stations where you can activate the JR Pass.

Enjoy Japan!

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