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I needed some help to see if we should purchase rail passes for 2 people. We will be flying in to Osaka in a week and will be staying with family. We would make Osaka are home base and do day trips and a couple overnighters.

3/14- 2days osaka
3/17- train to nozawa onsen 4nights
3-21- Train to takayama-shirakawago 1 night or 2 nights
3/22-25 osaka
3/25, kyoto 2 nights
3/27-3/30 osaka and maybe a visit to lake biwa or kobe

We will be using the subway around osaka when we are in the city.

Aloha and Thank you


Hi Will,

Nice trip you are planning!

I think it could be worth getting a 7-Day JR-Pass if you can plan your long distance travel in the period of use. To make sure, I made a little list of ticket prices so see if a JR-Pass would be a good option.
Osaka -> Nozawa Onsen ¥ 12,000
Nozawa Onsen --> Takayama ¥ 9,650
Takayama --> Osaka ¥ 10,310

For a total of ¥ 31,960 the 7-Day JRPass is ¥ 28.300 Yen saving you at least ¥ 3,660. If you used it from the 17th thru 23rd you could use it for all of the above trip + have one extra day of use.

For the rest, local travel in Kansai is not very expansive so a JR-Pass is usually not a very economic option for that.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel-san

You are very helpful



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