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I'll be heading to Osaka-Kyoto-Hakone-Tokyo.
1) Should i get a 7 days or 14 days JR pass?
2) Which station should i get down to head to Hakone?
3) Where is the link i can get the map of the lines that the JR pass can be used?

Thanks so much for your help.


Hello there,

1.) This depends on two things: will you be returning from Tokyo to Osaka? and How many days will you spend in each place?

2.) The Shinkansen station for Hakone is Odawara. For there it is easy to travel into the Hakone region.

3.) We have a great map for you here:

Hope you find this useful!

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Hi Daniel

Thanks for your prompt response.

Sorry my decription was brief. Below is the intended itinerary.

Day 1-3 - Osaka
Day 4-6 - Kyoto
Day 7-8 - Hakone
Day 9-14 - Tokyo (in btwn going to Yokohama)

Departing flight home will be from Tokyo so won't be heading back to Osaka. Do you advise that i get a JR pass or what other alternative is available?

Thank you :)


Hi again!

This makes it much easier to help you. I must say that the best option here would simply be to purchase normal train tickets whilst traveling. The JR Pass is best when used between different regions of Japan a couple of times, basically you travel one way from Osaka - Tokyo with Kyoto and Hakone as stop ins between. A JR Pass would have been useful if you made a return from Tokyo - Osaka.

Hope this helps,

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