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osaka > hiroshima > osaka > kyoto > tokyo

Osaka > Hiroshima > Osaka > Kyoto > Tokyo

Hi I was just wondering what the best course of action would be

We are arriving at the Kansai airport on December 15 will be traveling to Hiroshima and staying for two days

Plan so far:

Kansai Airport > Hiroshima
Hiroshima > Osaka (Stay in hiroshima for 2 days)
Osaka > Kyoto (Stay in Osaka for 2 days)
Kyoto > Tokyo (Stay in Kyoto for 2 days)
Tokyo > Narita airport (Tokyo for 3 days (staying in Shibuya)

If we activate our 7 day passon December 15, it will expire on December 22 (is this correct?). What do you suggest we do for traveling within Tokyo for the last two days and how can we get to the narita airport terminal without a JRpass?

Thank you!


Hello Jwong12,

The JR Pass would be valid until the 21st, when you activate it on the 15th. (The 15th is counted as a full day).
However this should not be a problem as I read that you will arrive in Tokyo on the 21st and you will have all expansive travel behind you.

There are different options for local travel around Tokyo. What I would recommend is either buying a Suica card to travel around the metropolis or buy a Tokyo Metro Day Pass.

There are also different options available to return to Narita Airport. Here are 3 you could consider.

1.) The Narita Express, this is a fast limited express train with luggage space and travels directly from Tokyo to Narita Airport, the cost is around 3,000yen for one person/oneway.

2.) Taking local trains, these are slower and may involve a transfer. The main advantage is that they are cheaper. Around 1,200yen one way.

3.) Take the Keisei Bus. This takes the longest and you will have to travel to Tokyo station first, however the price can be as low as 900yen.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your response! I was just wondering what would be a better option to travel within Tokyo.

The one day JR Tokyo metropolitan district pass or one day Tokyo metro passes? The hotel we are staying at right next to the Yamanote line.



Hi Jwong12,

An alternative to the Metro day pass is the JR Tokunai ticket. It's basically the same but valid on the JR, including the Yamanote line.

I hope this helps,

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