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osaka and tokyo regular pass

Osaka and Tokyo regular pass

hi there!

I'm quite confused.. Is jrpass the 'pass' we use to take shinkansen?

We would like to take shinkansen on our way from Shin Osaka to Shinjuku - how can we purchase one-way only? should it be online or can we purchase directly to Shin Osaka?

where can we find the official timing of trains for shinkansen?

What pass can we use for both Osaka and Tokyo rail ways? 3 days osaka and 5 days tokyo - I heard about PASMO or SUICA where we can just top up, can we get it once we arrive in Kansai Airport? we arrive at 11.00pm.

can we get wifi as well in Kansai Arport? Arriving at 11.00pm?


A JR Pass allows you to ride JR trains, buses, and Miyajima ferry - all you want within its validity. You cannot use it for the fastest versions of shinkansen (Nozomi, Mizuho), but all the rest are open and you can go from one side of the country to the other if you want.
If you just want to buy regular tickets from Osaka to Tokyo, you can do that as well without buying any pass. Just go to the JR station. For regular fares and schedules, see Hyperdia.

You can use the prepaid cards you mention for regular public transport in Tokyo. There is no savings in it; it is just more convenient that carrying a bag of coins. In Osaka they use the ICOCA card.

Yes, there is wi-fi at KIX. See:

However, for Suica/Pasmo, see this info:


Hello there,

Yes the JR Pass is an all you can ride nation wide pass, that includes travel in the Shinkansen.

You do need to do a certain amount of travel for it to be worth it, for instance a return Tokyo - Osaka will quickly make the JR Pass worth the purchase.

However for a one way ticket it is better to buy tickets as you travel. You can do so at the train station.

You can buy an IC card like Suica at Kansai Airport, the name is ICOCA but it works the same. However the ticket office may be closed at 11.00pm, so you may have to buy a normal ticket on arrival.

Kansai Airport has 24h free wifi.

Hope this helps,

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