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osaka - takayama

osaka - Takayama

Dear Daniel San,

Hi Daniel San, I'm Christie from Indonesia and this is the first time I join your forum. I'm going to ask your advice about my itinerary. I'm going to go to Japan on March 26,2016 - April 06,2016. I hope it will be the time for cherry blossom. ;)
Hereby my itinerary :

26 - arrived in Osaka at 21.00pm (I hope I still be able to use the train)
27 - Osaka
28 - Osaka - Kyoto
29 - Kyoto
30 - Kyoto - Takayama
31 - Takayama - Shirakawa - Takayama
01 - Leaving Takayama in the morning and go to Mt. Fuji
02 - Mt. Fuji - Tokyo
and I will spend the rest of our days in Tokyo.

Please give me your advice:
1. Is Takayama Hokuriko Pass suitable for me instead of JR Pass 7 days?
2. Because I will arrive at 21.00, I think I will use the Takayama Pass on March 27, so I can use it to Shirakawa Go by Nohi Bus, what do you think about that (I need your advice).
3. From Takayama, what should I do to get Mt.Fuji and Tokyo?
4. Perhaps you have another cheapest advice, please kindly tell me.

Thank you very much for your kindly help Daniel-San!


Hi Christie,

Welcome to the forum!

You could indeed use the Hokuriku Pass to travel from Kyoto - Takayama, this does mean that you have to take a train to Kanazawa, get on the bus from there to Shirakawago and an other bus from there to Takayama.

2.) There will be plenty of time to travel into Osaka if you arrive at 21:00.

3 and 4.) It depends on where around Fuji you want to travel, what you could do is use the Hokuriku pass to travel on to Nagoya and use a Shinkansen train from there to travel to Odawara for access to the Hakone Area around Fuji. I think this is the most economic way.

Hope this helps!

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