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osaka - nara- himeji - tokyo

Osaka - nara- Himeji - Tokyo

We are shortly, next week, travelling to Japan
We are flying into Kansai airport and staying in Kyoto for 6 days
From Kyoto we plan to do a few day trips to Nara and Himeji or Hiroshima
We then will train to Tokyo
We are in Tokyo for 7 days, and want to do side trips to Kamakura / Yokohama
We fly out of Hadena Airport
Is a seven day pass worth it if we activate it during our kyoto stay or on way to Tokyo


If you travel to all the places you mention (particularly Himeji & Hiroshima) above and go to Tokyo within a week, then yes a 7 day pass will save you a tidy amount of money. For Hiroshima don't miss Miyajima - you can use the pass to ride the JR ferry. A bit beyond is another great sight if you have time, at Iwakuni with its iconic historical bridge and mountaintop castle.
For Tokyo if you want to travel all over, you might look at a Kanto Area Pass - you can go to Kamakura, NIkko, Karuizawa, Kusatsu, Izu, and many other popular places. If not, there are other passes for Hakone, the Fuji 5 Lakes, Kamakura/Enoshima etc by Odakyu.

Best of luck.


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