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osaka - kyoto - tokyo

Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo

Hi. I´m going to Japan at the end of March.

I arrive at Osaka Airport on 29th and I´m going straight to Kyoto. Then I will stay there for 3 days and follow to Tokyo.

Is the 7-day plan worthy for that or it´s better to buy single tickets for each trip ?

Does the 7-day plan ticket cover the most exciting sites in Tokyo?



Hi Gustavo,

After Tokyo will you be returning to Osaka (to fly out of there)? If so then I would certainly recommend a JR Pass, other wise it would be better to buy tickets as you travel. The JR Pass covers all the JR lines within Tokyo, which is enough to visit most places, some area's, namely Asakusa and Odaiba do require use of either the metro or other transport.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Daniel.

Actually, I´m leaving Japan from Tokyo. So I would have 2 trips:

Osaka - Kyoto on march 29th

Kyoto - Tokyo on april 1st.

While in Tokyo, could I use the JR Pass ?

I think it´s better to buy single tickets as I travel.


Hi Again!

In this case it would indeed be better to purchase single tickets.

Osaka - Kyoto is just 540yen and Kyoto - Tokyo is around 13,500yen.

You can certainly use to JR Pass around Tokyo if you do get one.

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