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osaka - kyoto - tateyama - matsumoto - kawaguchiko - tokyo

Osaka - Kyoto - Tateyama - Matsumoto - Kawaguchiko - Tokyo


I plan to travel with my family (6 altogether) by April 2015.

20 April 15 : Fly to Osaka
21 April 15 : Travel to Nara + Kyoto (Plan to use Kansia True Pass / KTP day 1)
22 April 15 : Travel within Osaka (Plan to use Osaka amazing pass)
23 April 15 : Travel to Arashiyama + Kyoto (KTP day 2)
24 April 15 : Travel to Himeji + Osaka (KTP day 3), Travel to Toyama (Buy JR-Thunderbird)
25 April 15 : Tateyama Alpine Route, Travel to Matsumoto (Buy JR-Train)
26 April 15 : Travel to Kawaguchiko (Buy JR-Train to Otsuki and Fujikyu train to the destination)
27 April 15 : Fujishibazakura Festival and Kawaguchiko Lake
28 April 15 : Kawaguchiko Lake tour + Travel to Tokyo (Either bus / private + JR train)
29 April 15 : Tokyo
30 April 15 : Tokyo + Train to Narita Airport

During 24 April - 30 April 2015, Is it ok to buy individual train tickets as needed or it's worth buying JR-Pass ?


ThePunn B.


Hi ThePunn B.,

I checked your itinerary for the best option and would recommend buying normal tickets for this one. Travel within Kansai is very cheap. Later on you will most likely travel by bus/private rail to the Alpine route and Kawaguchiko, so a JR Pass would most likely not be put to best use.

Hope this helps and enjoy Japan!

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much.

ThePunn B.


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