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osaka - hakone (ryokan konansu) - tokyo

Osaka - Hakone (ryokan konansu) - Tokyo

Hi, I have purchased the JRPass. I have few routes would like to have your advice :

1) From Osaka to Ryokan hotel (
May I know where is this Ryokan hotel? it's in Kawaguchi-ko or where? how many times i need to exchange train in order to arrive in this hotel? and do i have to pay for the other train again or all has cover by the JR Pass? the route by train/bus ? and the duration to arrive at destination ?

2) From Ryokan hotel to Tokyo
May I know do I need to exchange train in order to arrive to Tokyo ? and the duration ?

3) From Tokyo to Osaka
May I know the route by train/bus ? and the duration to arrive at destination ?

Thanks in advance for your support.


i'm sorry for the title, i was in a hurry when i write it so i forget to change it


Hi there!

Ryokan Nonansu is needed located very closely to lake Kawaguchiko. To get to Lake Kawaguchiko, I would recommand looking at the following route Tokyo --> Kawaguchiko. The JR Pass will cover travel all the way to Otsuki but you will have to pay for the Fujikyu line from there (which is 1,100yen).

2.) The route back to Tokyo is exactly the same as the above but visa-verse. From Kawaguchiko take the train to Otsuki and from there take a train to Tokyo station.

3.) The route Tokyo - Osaka is a direct bullet train connection between Tokyo and Shin Osaka, you can take a local train from there to your accommodation in Osaka. The route takes about 190 minutes and is completely covered by the JRPass.

I hope this helps!

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