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one month in japan - which jr pass is suitable?

one month in Japan - which JR pass is suitable?


A group of 4 of us are coming to Japan for one month and looking forward to it!
Can you suggest which JR pass to get and when we don't have the JR pass, what tickets/pass should we get?

Originally I was thinking of a 21 day JR pass starting 17th April to 7th May.
So then #2) bus to Fuji Five Lakes, #3) bus to Hakuba

1) 9 April - Arrive into Narita Airport
2) 11 April - day trip from Tokyo to Fuji Five Lakes (Kawaguchiko)
3) 12 April - travel from Tokyo to Hakuba
4) 17 April - travel from Hakuba to Nakatsugawa station (to walk the Magome/Tsumago trail)
5) 18 April - travel from Nagiso station (staying the night in Tsumago) to Kyoto
6) 18-28 April staying in Kyoto - we will definitely want to visit the following places as day trips: Hiroshima, Miyajima, Arashiyama, Nara, Ise-jingu, Himeji
7) 29th April - travel from Kyoto to Tokyo
8) 29 April to 9 May staying in Tokyo - we might do a couple day trips: Hakone, Nikko, Takayama, Nagoya, Mitake-san, Kamakura

Your help and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Hi there,

Without knowing your exact itinerary, it is hard to say for sure what would be the best JR Pass for your itinerary. However I do see that you are planning a lot of travel and side trips. Based on this I do recommend using a 21 day JR Pass.

Especially travel to Nikko, Takayama, Hiroshima can cost a lot without using a JR Pass.

All together it looks like a very nice trip!

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