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not sure if need jr pass for 6 days sapporo & tokyo for 5 people

Not sure if need JR Pass for 6 days Sapporo & Tokyo for 5 people


6 days Sapporo & Tokyo (10 - 16 Nov 2015) for 5 adults.

Appreciate your help to advise if we need to get a JR pass or worth to get for the itinerary below?
If worth to get, can the JR Pass be used for all the routes below? Can we buy the JR Pass when we reach Japan? Thanks!

10 Nov
Singapore -> Sapporo
- Art Hotel Sapporo Subway 56 min Cost: ¥1,580 x 5 = ¥7900
Route =>

11 Nov
- Otaru music box museum ¥1150 x 5 = ¥5750 Route =>

  • Sapporo Sweets Cafe 「さっぽろスイーツカフェ」 ¥950 x 5 = ¥4750 Route =>

  • Yukijirushipara (雪印パーラー 本店) ¥0 Walk 9 min

12 Nov
- 二条市場おみやげランド Nijo market ¥0 Walk 12 min

13 Nov
Sapporo -> Tokyo
- Take same subway to Chitose airport ¥1,580 x 5 = ¥7900

  • Stay at Asakusa By subway ¥620 x 5 = ¥3125

14 Nov
- Tsukiji Fish Market ¥220 x 5 = ¥1100

  • Tokyo Station ¥170 x 5 = ¥850 Route =>

  • Tokyo Tower ** Not sure what transport to take from Tokyo Station? There are bus routes and JR, Mita Line, Marunouchi Line-> Hibya Line? Around 25 min. Which route to take?

15 Nov
- Asakusa to Ueno ¥170 x 5 = ¥850

  • Ueno to Shibuya ¥200 x 5 = ¥1000

16 Nov
Need to check out at 11 am, but flight is midnight. Asakusa -> Haneda Airport store our luggage then move around
- Any idea which is the best route to get to Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari from Haneda Airport? ¥?

  • Venus Fort / Divercity -> Haneda Airport ¥? Singapore

Hello there,

The JR Pass works best when used for longer distances for rail travel. This Sapporo - Tokyo or Tokyo - Kyoto. You'll be flying here and so it would not really make sense to purchase a JR Pass.

I see that you are already are using google maps for planning. I also recommend learning to plan with This way you will be able to find the best routes at each point in time.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Ok I got it. Yes I've used Hyperdia too, it shows the train intervals, however it don't show the step by step routes like google maps. So I'm using both. Thanks for your advice!

Sorry I think I have double posted, you may ignore my 2nd post.


Yes, that is how many people do it.

You may also find our map at useful to visualize distances and how you'll be traveling.

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