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no passport number required?

No passport number required?


The previous time I ordered a JRP it was through another company. They required my passport number in order to fulfill the order. I just finished ordering through your website, but I wasn't asked for that number. Has the procedure changed or is the passport number not necessary at this point? I am quite sure they checked my number to see if it matched the voucher. I'm just a little concerned. Thank you!


Hi there,

Your passport number is not required, the voucher is checked against your first/last name and day of birth.
Passport numbers are not required as people tend to get new passports just before they depart and it would thus be hard to impossible for those people to order.

So no need to worry about it!

Enjoy your JR Pass!

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Hi Daniel!

Thank you, that puts me at ease. With the exchange rate the way it is, I paid exactly the same for a 14 day green car pass as I did for a 14 day ordinary pass back in March, 2012. What a difference a few yen make!

In case you were interested, my itinerary is as follows:

Day 1 Tokyo-Sapporo via Haneda
Day 2 Sapporo to Aomori with a 9 hour stop in Hakodate
Day 3 JR Bus to Towadako and back to Aomori for train to Sendai
Day 4 Sendai to Matsushima to Ishinomaki to Sendai
Day 5 Sendai to Kesennuma to Sendai
Day 6 Sendai to Nikko
Day 7 Nikko to Nagano
Day 8 Nagano to Matsumoto
Day 9 Matsumoto to Kisoji (Nakasendo) to Osaka
Day 10 Osaka to Okayama to Takahashi to Osaka
Day 11 Osaka to Tokyo with 10 hour stop in Kyoto
Day 12 Tokyo to Kawaguchiko
Day 13 Kawaguchiko to Kamakura to Yokohama to Tokyo
Day 14 Tokyo to Mito to Tokyo

It's going to be one helluva trip!

Thanks again!



Hi John,

Looks like a great trip! Kinda wish I could make it myself at this point, I've traveled a lot in the south of Japan and Hokkaido too but never so much in Tohoku.

I am sure it will be amazing!

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