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need to line up at ticket counter with the jr pass?

Need to line up at ticket counter with the JR pass?

Hello! I would like to know:

1) Whether I need to line up at the ticket counter at the train stations to get tickets with the JR pass.
2) Can I make reservations for trips with multiple (more than 1) transfers?
3) Can I make reservations from a station that is not the station of departure? (I want to travel from Station A but am currently at Station B)

Thanking you in advance for your answers. :)


short answer is if you have time. Line up. If you don't (have time) you can still use the pass to take an unreserved seat on pretty much any JR train.
But you're better off lining up getting a reserved seat to your destination - especially if you have a Green Pass .. generally they won't kick you out of the Green Car but it really requires a reservation.
Sure you can reserve seats from anywhere to anywhere else on JR at any JR station. (2 & 3)
I've made seat reservations for Shinkansen in lots of small out of the way places.

One tip if you don't smoke most of the cars are non-smoking but make sure you specify that.
Also if you have a Green Pass make sure to ask for a Green Car seat, some staff don't notice that.


Hello there,

I think @seki answers your question brilliantly!

Also good to know may be that the JR Pass is also valid for non reserved seats. So you can just go to the platform and hop on the train. Personally I prefer to make reservations where possible, as it is nice to know that you have your own seats.

Also you have to make seat reservations at a manned ticket office, ticket machines can't be used with the JR Pass.

btw: the answer to all your questions is yes :)

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