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narita-tokyo-nagoya-kyoto-tokyo-narita (7 vs 14 day pass)

Narita-Tokyo-Nagoya-Kyoto-Tokyo-Narita (7 vs 14 day pass)


Here's my itinerary.

Oct 13: reach Narita; Narita --> Tokyo.
Oct 14: Tokyo --> Nagoya
Oct 15-17: Nagoya for official work
Oct 18: Nagoya --> Kyoto
Oct 18-20: Kyoto; Nara; Osaka(?);
Oct 20: Kyoto --> Tokyo
Oct 21-24: Tokyo
Oct 24: Tokyo-->Narita

The itinerary is structured in such a way that my major long distance travel is within a 7 day period (Oct 14 - 20). My questions are:

1) Is the JRPass of any use while doing city seeing in Tokyo/Kyoto? Or does it apply onyl to long distance travel?
2) Is it worthwhile to take the 14 day pass for the above itinerary?
3) If I was to add a Kyoto-->Hiroshima-->Tokyo bit for Oct 20-22, would it then make sense to have a 14-day pass (considering that then I can use it for the airport travel as well)?
4) Any other short trip suggestions while in Kyoto/Tokyo?

Thanks for this great forum! Looking forward for Japan!



Hi There!

1.) First let me say that a 7 day JR Pass would work out very well for your long distance travel Tokyo -> Nagoya -> Kyoto, Nara, Osaka -> back to Tokyo. You can also use the JR Pass for travel on local JR lines in Tokyo and around Kyoto, but other kinds of transport such as the metro are not covered. In Tokyo local lines with get you almost anywhere but you may have to resort to other transport in Kyoto.

2,3 & 4.) I would not suggest a 14 day JR Pass for your current itinerary but it would become a great option, if you use it to travel to Hiroshima and for travel to and from Narita Airport. In addition you could also make a day trip or two from Tokyo to Nikko, Kamakura or Yokohama to really get the most out of your pass. Especially Nikko is worth a visit.

Lastly if you have time left in Kyoto consider a visit to Fushimi Inari which makes for an interesting visit and you can make some nice short hikes.

I hope this helps!

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