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narita to osaka on april 30

Narita to Osaka on April 30

I am arriving into NRT at 1 pm on April 30. My plan was to exchange JR Pass and immediately head to Osaka from NRT by train. Will the Golden Week festivities make it hard for me to get a seat at that time? Will it be possible to exchange for the pass and immediately then reserve seat and go directly to Osaka? Any advice would be most appreciated. Arrigato.


Hi there!

Japan during golden week is a pretty special experience - it's like the whole country is on holiday! With this though you do get increased traffic on all major train routes, especially at the start and end of Golden Week and during rush hour times.

Arriving at midday on monday means that you should be able to reserve a seat on the bullet as soon as you land. You may have to be prepared to be flexible with times, or aim for the non-reserved seating if you have a specific train you'd like to use - strangely enough these can be less busy than the reserved cars. There is no online way to reserve seats on that route from outside Japan unless you speak Japanese. If you do speak Japanese (or know someone who does), it is possible to reserve seats using Eki Net.

Good luck and I hope you have a great time!

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