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narita to kyoto

Narita to Kyoto

I see several posts explaining the best way to get to Kyoto from Narita that are old, can you provide details for booking, purchasing the best routes. I arrive on the 16th at 2:30 and need to get thru customer and immigrations. Thank you


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First you will want to activate your JR. Find out how to activate the JR Pass at Narita Airport here.

Going from Narita Airport - Tokyo is a pretty straight forward process. First take the Narita Express from Narita Airport to Tokyo and transfer to the bullet trains bound for Kyoto at Tokyo station.

I guess you mean 2:30 pm? Arriving at this time will give you plenty of time to travel on to Kyoto. Seat reservations can be made once you have activated your JR Pass.

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In October, we fly from Dallas and arrived at Narita at 2:20 PM. We ship the bags by Kuroneko in the Hall of arrival and down one level by escalator and went on JR Guiche called "Midori no Madoguchi". Where exchanged passes and immediately made a reservation for the NEX - Narita Express to Tokyo and Kyoto, with train change in Shinagawa. Very fast this JR station. Less than 3 minutes. JR guiche and NEX train is in the same level in Narita.

We arrived in Kyoto at around 7:45 PM.
I recommend that you have to hand the paths and timetables of the trains. See the site.

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