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narita to fukuoka, then to sendai

Narita to Fukuoka, then to Sendai


We will be visiting our friends and family in both Kyushu, Osaka/Kyoto and Sendai, then staying in Tokyo for a few days just before we depart Japan.

Can you please help me with these questions?
1) We already have plans on purchasing the regular 14 day JR Rail Pass to put it to full use (no air tickets from Tokyo to Fukuoka), but I understand that there are certain restrictions. Can you help us with which trains to take from Narita to Fukuoka? Will we need to change trains in Tokyo or Osaka/Shin-Osaka?
2) And then from Fukuoka to Sendai, will we need to change trains anywhere?
3) I've tried using this website, but Narita-eki does not come up under the search field. Is there another website you can recommend?
4) Our 14 day pass will expire once we arrive into Tokyo.
Since we will be staying in Tokyo for 3 days after our 14 day pass expires, AND we will need a ride back to the Narita airport, will it be better if we purchased the Suica + N'Ex card?
5) Or would it be better to purchase 1 day JR passes (x 2 days) + the limousine bus ride back to Narita?

Here is our itinerary:
- 11:00AM Train from Narita Terminal 2 -> Kokura, Fukuoka (I was told to take the Narita Express to Tokyo, then on to Fukuoka. If we do this, what time will we arrive in Kokura?) - Day trip to Hiroshima (about 1 hr each way correct?) - Kokura to Hakata-Minami - Overnight trip to Nagasu, Kumamoto - Hakata-Minami to Osaka (about 2.5 hrs one way correct?) - Osaka to Kyoto (about 15-20 min.) - Kyoto to Hakata-Minami (about 3 hrs one way correct?) - Kokura to Sendai - Sendai to Tokyo for 3 nights (would like to visit Tsukiji, Shinjyuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, etc.)

If you can kindly advise exactly which trains we are able to take, and which ones we are not allowed (Nozomi, etc.) during our trip, I would appreciate it very much.
Thank you very much for your advice and guidance on my itinerary in advance.

R Kailas
R Kailas

Hi there!

Going to Kyushu is a great choice! I've always thought that it is the best part of Japan. The JR Pass will cover you all the way there and back up to Sendai too!

As to your questions:
1.) There are indeed some restrictions regarding what train types you can take, though this won't be a problem. Basically you can't board trains classified as Nozomi/Mizuhou, these are the fastest trains and make the least stops. Instead you can take the Hikari/Kodama trains that make a couple more stops but travel the exact same route.
To travel from Tokyo to Fukuoka with the JR Pass take the Hikari to Shin-Osaka and tranfer here to the Sakura Shinkansen to Kyushu, this is the only transfer you will have. The route takes 361 Minutes to Hakata and about about 15 minutes less to Kokura.

2.) The route to Sendai involved 2 transfers, one at Shin-Osaka and one at Tokyo station. Don't worry about it though, just tell the JR Staff you wish to travel to Sendai and they will print the tickets for you and explain the transfers.

3.) JR Odekake net is nice but I would recommand using Hyperida for planning and route information. Its a pretty amazing recourse. Please read our guide on planning with Hyperdia.

Here are some routes for you in Hyperdia:
Tokyo --> Hakata (Fukuoka) Hakata --> Sendai

4.) You could buy the Suica + Nex but it would not be a very good deal as the first part Narita - Tokyo is already covered by the JR Pass. Instead I would probably buy a normal ticket for either the Narita Express (about 3000 yen) or save some money and take a local train (about 1200 Yen).

5.) I would go for the 14 day JR Pass, taking 2x 7 day JR Passes is a lot more expansive and not worth it to just get your way back to the Airport covered.

I hope this helps!

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As said, it is long but possible - just can't take Mizuho or Nozomi trains.

There is good info seeing Fukuoka on:

For Kyushu info, see:



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