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narita express return tickets using jr pass

narita express return tickets using JR pass


I bought a 7 days JR Rail pass for my 9 days trip to Japan.
I will be activating my JR pass once I reached Narita. (My itinerary
is fixed & it is not possible to change)
So my question is: is it possible for me to get a Narita express return
ticket using the JR pass? On the 9th day that I will be going back to Narita,
my pass is no longer valid. If I can only get a one way ticket, where can I
buy a ticket back to Narita airport? I will be staying in Shinjuku area.

Thanks! :)


Hi there,

You can only reserve tickets for the period that your JR-Pass is valid.

If you plan on traveling with the Narita Express you will have to buy a single ticket for one way.
You can buy one at any JR station that has a manned station counter, including Shinjuku JR.
Something you may find useful is the Narita express + Suica deal.

Shinjuku is a great place to stay but don't go walking around alone in Kabukicho when it is dark!

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Hi, Daniel,

Thanks for the advice! From what i had research so far i assume I can buy one way ticket ( back to narita airport) + suica at the JR east travel agency where I will also make the exchange order for the JR pass. Am I right?
I will be exploring Kabukicho with my girlfriend. I heard that as long as I don't venture into any of the establishments and just walk pass, I should be fine. Hope I'm right?! Lol

Thks a mill!


Hi Bjfun,

Yes you are right!

For Kabukicho, you are fine together, there are always many people around but travelers that are alone stand out and seem to attract a certain kind of people you rather want to avoid. Sometimes people may offer you to guide around or to enter clubs etc, just say no and that will be it.

Have a great time in Japan!

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