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narita express and after jr pass expiry

Narita express and after JR pass expiry


you already sent me some very good suggestions on JR pass usage some weeks ago, thanks a lot for that.
I would like to ask some more questions since I will leave for Japan on 29 Dec:
- you informed me that for Narita express reservation is mandatory: I was planning to take it, after activating my JR pass upon arrival on 30 Dec, can I make the reservation just before boarding on the train? is it at same office where I activate the JR pass? - Kyoto: is there the possibility to buy a pass valid for buses other than JR? Would you recommend it? - My JR pass expires on 5 Jan, when I am in Hakone. On 6 I will go back to Narita to spend the last night in a hotel next to the airport. Can I just buy the ticket in Odawara station on the same day since I will not be able to use my JR pass? Can I pay with credit card?

I am really looking forward to getting to Japan!

Thanks a lot again


Hi Stefania,

While reservations for the Narita Express are recommend there are unsigned seats as well.
You can make a reservation at any time you want. You can make a reservation for it at the same time that you exchange your JR-Pass.

Yes you can buy a bus tickets that is valid in all of Kyoto for one day and costs 500 Yen. You can also consider a day pass that includes the bus and the metro these sell for 1200 Yen. If you don't mind riding a bus than you can visit anywhere in Kyoto without problems.

Yes you can buy a ticket to Narita Airport at Odawara. The fastest way would look like This (105 Minutes ¥ 6,790)
As personal recommendation I would take the local train from Odawara to Yokahama (56 Minutes ¥ 950) and from Yokohama take the Narita Express back to the Airport (92 minutes ¥4,180). This way you will only have one transfer and save a little money too.

Yes you can pay your tickets with any Major Credit card at the ticket counter.

Hope this helps!

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