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narita express -shinjuku station-yamanote line

Narita Express -Shinjuku Station-Yamanote Line

1-In which place at Narita Airport can I get the Narita Express to go to Tokyo?
2-Does this train stops also at Shinjuku Station (where is my hotel) or it stops at Tokyo Station and I have to get other train to go to Shinjuku?
3-Which comes first : Tokyo station or Shinjuku station?
4-At Shinjuku Station can I get a Train to go to Kyoto or I have to go to Tokyo station?
5-In my last day in Japan my JRP will be expired, so I have to buy a ticket to go from Tokyo to Narita Airport. How much does cost a Narita Express ticket for this itinerary? Are there other cheap way to reach Narita Airport ?
6-The Yamanote Line goes to Tokyo and Shinjuku?

Sorry for so many answers but I have many doubts.
Any help you can offer would be great.


Hi Suely,

1.) To get to the Narita Express, just follow the signs with trains. The station is not very big and you cant miss it.

2.) The Narita Express travels different routes and some stop at Shinjuku station. Just ask the staff for a ticket to Shinjuku and all will be fine.

3.) This depends on the route, sometimes the trains only stops at one.

4.) You will have to travel to either Tokyo or Shinagawa station to board to Shinkansen for Kyoto.

5.) A ticket on the Narita Express is about 3,000yen. You can also use local trains to travel there, which start at around 1,200yen but take about twice as long and you may have a transfer or two.

6.) Yes :)

Hope this helps!

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