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narita airport, tokyo, kyoto and osaka

Narita airport, Tokyo, kyoto and osaka

Hi, I will be traveling to Japan this coming Oct and there are 3 places that i would like to visit are Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. My travel duration are 10days, reaching Narita airport on 5oct 10:45am and leaving on 15oct 11:55am (narita airport).

Im planning to get the 7 days JR pass but please advise should i activate my JR Pass 3 days later from 5oct so that i can use my JR pass back from osaka. & if I'm going to activate it on the 7oct, meaning i can only travel to either kyoto or osaka within that 7days pass right?.

What about the first 3 days? What card should i get to travel if i stay within Tokyo.

From narita airport to Tokyo station i would need to purchase a NEX ticket which is currently 50% discount going from airport to tokyo right?

So when coming back from osaka to narita airport is it that i have to take the bullet train from osaka to tokyo and from tokyo back to narita airport thru the NEX train? Does the JR pass covered the coming back NEX trip from tokyo to airport?.

How long does Osaka back to tokyo/narita airport takes as compared to Kyoto back to tokyo/narita airport?
Because I'm actually still thinking which places should i go first.
Please advice! Thank you so much and so sorry for such a long question.


Hello there,

It's a great idea to use the JR Pass for travel from Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka. This way you will certainly make the best use of it. Buying the 1,500yen ticket for the Narita Express is also good. While you are in Tokyo, consider buying Suica card. Which is great for easy travel as you just swipe it over the ticket gate when you enter and exit the platform.

For returning to Narita Airport, the route is always with the Shinkansen to Tokyo and with the Narita Express from there to Narita Airport. The complete route is covered by the JR Pass. Travel from Osaka takes about 271 Minutes and from Kyoto 234 Minutes.

Hope this helps!

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