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narita airport to downtown osaka

Narita Airport to Downtown Osaka

Hi, what is the quickest way to get to downtown Osaka from Narita airport? Can I buy my ticket in the airport / station or do I need to reserve and buy online a few days before? How much will this cost?

Should I buy a one way or round trip ticket? I'm returning from Osaka after a few days but would like to explore Tokyo first so the stop would be downtown Tokyo and not Narita. Will I be able to purchase this ticket on the same day or do I need to reserve and buy online?

Narita to osaka - Jan. 11
Osaka to downtown Tokyo - Jan. 15



Hi there!

The best way to get from Narita Airport - Osaka is to take the Narita Express to Tokyo station, from where you can board the Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka. This is the bullet train station for Osaka, you can use local trains from here to go into downtown Osaka. The ride takes about 266 Minutes / ¥ 15,850. You can buy a ticket once you arrive at Narita Airport.

I would recommend using a 7 Day JR Pass for your trip since you are planning to Tokyo as well. This would add an other ¥ 13,550 or add up to ¥ 29,400 (+¥ 15,850)in total. The 7 day JR Pass is 28,300 so you would already be making savings. The JR Pass is also valid for local JR trains in both Tokyo/Osaka adding even more to your savings.

To travel from Osaka - Tokyo, 1st take a local train to Shin-Osaka, from here you can take a bullet train directly to Tokyo station. Travel mid January is generally not very busy so you won't have any trouble reserving seats on your days of travel.

I hope this helps you!

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Hi, thank you for your reply.

Is the 7 Day JR Pass valid for the Narita Express also?

Is the pass also valid for Osaka to Kyoto and Kyoto local trains? Here is our itinerary:

Jan 11 Arrival in Narita; Shinkasen to Osaka
Jan 12 Around Osaka
Jan 13 Daytrip to Kyoto
Jan 14 Around Osaka
Jan 15 Shinkasen to Tokyo; around Tokyo
Jan 16 Around Tokyo
Jan 17 Will join Mt Fuji tour
Jan 18 Around Tokyo; depart at 5 pm

Based on the above, should I proceed with buying the 7 Day Pass?

Will I be able to buy the 7 Day Pass at the airport or Tokyo Station when I arrive or should I buy online now?

If I activate the pass in the afternoon of the 11th, will I be able to use this until the afternoon of the 18th because my flight doesn't leave until 5 or will it expire midnight?

How many JR Shinkasen trains are there from Tokyo-Osaka and Osaka-Tokyo and how often do they leave?



Hi Again,

Yes the JR Pass is valid on the Narita Express and also on local JR trains in both Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. In Tokyo and Osaka the JR Network is very extensive and you will be able to see most of the city without the need for additional tickets. Kyoto has some JR Lines going around the city but the center can only be accessed by bus/metro, which are not covered by the JR Pass.

The JR Pass is valid for 7 consecutive days and the first is counted as a full day, no matter that time you start using it. This means that the pass is valid until Jan 17th 23:59. So the last day would require additional tickets.

Shinkansen between Tokyo - Osaka depart very frequently with at least one train every 30 min.

I hope this helps too!

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