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narita - yokohama - nagoya - osaka

Narita - Yokohama - Nagoya - Osaka


We are doing a 10 day trip in Japan. From Narita airport, we head directly to Yokohama where we are based for 4 days. From Yokohama we head to Nagoya where we will spend 6 days and then go to Osaka for the return flight.
Our itinerary is Narita - Yokohama - Nagoya - Osaka
We have to be based in Yokohama and Nagoya because our accommodation is fixed in these two places. We intend to explore places in and around Yokohama and Nagoya, which can be accessed within a day trip as we cannot change the accommodation. We also plan to visit Tokyo during as a day trip during our stay in Yokohama.

Two specific questions:
1. Would any pass be useful for this itinerary or is it better to purchase individual tickets? Where can we get the pass if it is recommended?
2. What places can we add which can be done as day trips from Yokohama and Nagoya? We are interested in nature, historical sites, and temples.

Many thanks.


Hi there,

1.) I would buy normal rail tickets for your itinerary. If you boil it down, you itinerary comes down to a one way route Narita - Osaka, with different stops along the way. This costs less than a 7 day JR Pass.

2.) It would be easy to add Kamakura and Nikko from Yokohama and Mie/Tosu from Nagoya.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Daniel-san,

Thank you so much for the reply.
Regarding the pass, would the JR east pass be useful for us?
We have 6 days in Nagoya. Would that be too much? Are there enough places near Nagoya that can be visited by day trips?

Thank you so much again.


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