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narita - osaka - kyoto - nagano - tokyo

Narita - Osaka - Kyoto - Nagano - Tokyo

Planning to go for a trip in Jan 2016, landing on the 8th Jan 2016 at Narita then will proceed to Osaka for 4 nights (8th Jan to 12th Jan) and 1 day trip to Nara (10th Jan), moving to Kyoto on 12th Jan and staying for two nights before going to Nagano on the 14th Jan, 2 nights stay before going to Tokyo.

Want to check if it is worth it to buy JR Pass 7 days or 14 days and how to maximize the JR Pass and what are the lines that are not included inside the JR Pass?

(Day 1) 8th Jan 2016 Narita - Osaka (Day 2) 9th Jan 2016 Osaka (Day 3) 10th Jan 2016 Osaka - Nara - Osaka (Day 4) 11th Jan 2016 Osaka (Day 5) 12th Jan 2016 Osaka - Kyoto (Day 6) 13th Jan 2016 Kyoto (Day 7) 14th Jan 2016 Kyoto - Nagano (Day 8) 15th Jan 2016 Nagano (Day 9) 16th Jan 2016 Nagano - Tokyo


Hello kpong,

The best way for your itinerary would be to use a 7 day JR Pass for Day 1 - 7, then buy a one way ticket Nagano - Tokyo.

This will gives you the best possible savings, the JR Pass covers all travel between the cities you plan to visit.

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Hi Daniel-san,

based on hyperdia and google map the following were the recommended route of transfer for my trip, Narita - Osaka - Kyoto - Nagano - Tokyo

Just want to check if the following route of travel are indeed covered by JRPass

(1) Day 1 (8th Jan 2016) Narita - Shinagawa - Shinosaka ¥17,100 NRT EXP 10 (Covered by JR Pass?)
SHINKANSEN KODAMA 649 (Covered by JR Pass?)
SHINKANSEN HIKARI 471 (Covered by JR Pass?)

(2) Day 1 - 4 (Travel within Osaka) Osaka Loop Line (Outer Loop) (JR Pass?)

(3) Day 3 (10th Jan 2016) Osaka - Nara - Osaka KINTETSU KEIHANNA LINE (Not covered by JR Pass?)
* Any route of travel that can recommend to utilize JR Pass? Accommodation near to Hommachi Station

(4) Day 5 Osaka - Kyoto (Shin-Osaka - Kyoto) ¥1,730 LTD EXP THUNDERBIRD (Covered by JR Pass?)

(5) Day 7 Kyoto - Nagano (Kyoto - Kanazawa - Nagano - Yudanaka) ¥13,750 LTD EXP THUNDERBIRD (Covered by JR Pass?)
Shinkansen Hakutaka 564 (Covered by JR Pass?)

Total estimated travel cost based on hyperdia
¥17,100 + ¥13,750 + ¥1,730 = ¥32580 If the above cost is accurate, it will definetly make sense to purchase All Japan Ordinary 7 Day JR Pass.

Just want to check what are the other travel pass that I can purchase for use like in Osaka or Kyoto? ie for metro, subway or bus that also include some discount to attraction.



Hi again!

Almost all routes are included in the JR Pass, only the KINTETSU lines are not. You can however use the JR to travel to Nara, so no need to use the Kintetsu. The prices you found look right and you can make good savings with a JR Pass.

For Osaka, there is the Osaka amazing pass and in Kyoto a 500yen bus pass can be purchased for a day. The bus pass is a very good deal, as a normal bus ride is 230yen.

Hope this helps,

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