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name shown on the exchange order is in wrong order

Name shown on the exchange order is in wrong order

I find that my name is spelled correctly but in wrong order. My given name is Yuxi and family name is Li. As far as I know, in Japanese 氏 means family name and 名 means given name. Therefore as the description on the exchange order, 氏 family name should be put in front of given name rather than behind it. My name should be shown as LI YUXI on the exchange order, not YUXI LI.
I don't think I mistook the order first name and last name when I submitted passenger information. My friend who ordered the pass by herself also has this problem.
I wonder if I have to replace the exchange order. Will there be a problem when I exchange the rail pass?
I'm anxious now because I will fly to Japan on this Sunday. Time is running out...
Thank you for your help!


There is no guarantee that your rail pass order will be excepted. Common sense would naturally say that with your passport, the name order is just wrong and there should be no problem....but it is all up to the discretion of the JR clerk who is handling your request. Airlines are extremely strict about this sort of thing, but since international travel and getting you through Immigration is not involved, there may be more flexibility.

You are correct though that in Japanese 氏 means family name and 名 means given name. If it is a clerical error on the part of those that issued the exchange order, then they should do all they can to fix it. But as you said it is extremely late in voiding the old order and issuing a new one. Perhaps they might fax you a letter or something indicating the mistake? Or else keep all receipts and get reimbursed for the normal ticket fare afterwards if JR refuses you. You need to speak with a higher up in the company that issued the exchange order.


Hello there,

If you ordered the JR Pass using out website, please contact us at and we will help you resolve the issue.

Otherwise it's best to contact the travel agency where you purchased the exchange order.

Please do not go to Japan without contacting your re-seller, there's no company that would reimburse your train tickets without prior consent.

Hope this helps,

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