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nagoya,takayama, shirakawa,toyama,kanazawa,osaka, kobe,

Nagoya,Takayama, Shirakawa,Toyama,Kanazawa,Osaka, Kobe,

Hi Sir:

1) Does JR Pass provide any buses services in Takayama, Hida , Shirakawa, Gokayama, Toyama & Kanzanawa area ?

2) Any transport services for JR Pass between Osaka to Horyuji station , Nara?

3) any transport services for JR Pass between Osaka to Kimpusen Ji ?

4) Any transport services for JR Pass between Nagoya to Ise Shire ( Tsushimalhi Station ) ?

5) Any transport services for JR Pass between Hiraizumi shire ?

Thanks .


Hello there,

1.) There are no bus services between Takayama, Hida etc., which are covered by the JR Pass. However depending on the route, there are also trains travelling throughout he region.

2.) Yes the JR Pass covers travel to Nara station, from there its a 20min walk to Horyuji temple.

3.) Travel to Kimpusen-ji is done using bus services running from Osaka station, these are not included in the JR Pass.

4.) TSUSHIMMACHI is on the Kintetsu (non JR line). However by far the greater part can be travelled using the JR Pass. With the JR Pass you can travel to the station called Tsu, from there Tsushimachi is just 3min away on the Kintetsu.

  1. Yes Hiraizumi station is on the JR Tohoku main line and covered by the JR Pass.

Hope this helps!

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